Please tell us what you have seen in our villages, where and when. If you have a photograph and you'd like to share it, please contact us. (The small print applies).

23rd April 2017

Stock dove in Newgate.

25th February 2017 - Waxwings

Five waxwings graced a crab apple tree on Saturday.

4 waxwings on crab apple tree


20th February 2017 - First frog of the year?

Didn't expect to see one yet, but there was one in the pond today!frog in  a pond

19th February - First bats of the year?

Seen along Station Road, Ellingham.

16th February

On the marshes south of the Waveney: barn owl, pair of hares, grey heron, nine greylags, several mute swans and the grey wagtail near Ellingham Mill.

Owl and hare at Ellingham marshes

11th February 2017

Flock of lapwings on ploughed field between Ellingham Proary School and the church.

January 2017

Barn owl over marches west of Station Road.

December 2016

grey wagtail

Grey wagtail at Ellingham mill. 

Four Lapwings west of grain store.